Etika politik dinasti dan urgensi Pilkada 2020 dalam ancaman pendemi covid 19


  • Iskandar Zulkarnain Provinsi Sumatra Utara


2020 Pilkada, Dynastic Politics, , Covid 19, e-Voting


The 2020 Pilkada feels different from the previous pilkada. The Pilkada event this time was held in a situation of the outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic which has not ended in Indonesia and also in many countries in the world. Apart from the Covid-19 Pandemic, this year's Pilkada was also marked by the re-emergence of “dynastic politics”, namely by the presence of candidates in several regional head elections who come from ruling families and high-ranking officials of this country, who are ready to fight for regional head seats. The holding of the 2020 Pilkada amid the Covid 19 pandemic and the spread of dynastic politics has become a paradox for the portrait of democratic life in Indonesia today. A wise and prudent policy is needed from the government and election management apparatus in Indonesia. The government and politicians of this country must draft regulations regarding whether or not close relatives can run as executive or legislative officials. This is felt to be very necessary in an effort to build sound political ethics and prevent dynastic political culture which seriously injures the development of good democracy. The 2020 Pilkada also did not make the spread of Covid 19 more widespread. The application of e-Voting can be a solution. The implementation of e-Voting can be the solution during the 2020 Pilkada to ensuring Covid 19 viruses not spread. This is because e-Voting offers a rationalization of the reasons against Covid 19 which overshadows the implementation of the stages of the Pilkada stages, starting from candidate registration, candidate announcement , the campaign stage, the voting period, to the announcement of the results of the Pilkada. e - Voting offers benefits, such ensuring that physical distancing will be maintained, easy voting, preventing the center of the crowd, offering speed and data accuracy.



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