• Moch. Nurhasim Pusat Penelitian Politik-LIPI


Ethical Violation, Democracy, Parallel Election of 2024


The Parralell Election at 2024 in Indonesia is an electoral process whicsh is an electoral process that combines the statage of simultaneous election. Simultaneous election in a “wholesale” or five-box model with the concurrent general election in a number of provinces anda/city districts. The coincided stages can cause the orgonizer’s body election workload and procedural fatigue. The situation at the election which could have an impact on increasing cases of ethical rules. This potential can increase as a result of many factors, especially the managerial election by the organizer’s body. The potential for echical violations based on patterns and trends of ethical violation in previous years can come from ethical violation during the election stage or non-election stages. This article is focused on discussing the potential etchical violatios might occur in the 2024 Parrallel Elect ions in Indonesia.


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